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LJ Grundon & Sons is a small, family-run waste transfer station serving west London and surrounding areas.

With the efficient and cost effective management of waste high on the agenda of today’s businesses and local authorities, we also offer a waste paper and cardboard recycling service.

Working in partnership with local paper recycling company Greenaway Recycling, waste paper and cardboard is collected from your door in low emission vehicles. Then we recycle it at our Harefield facility – turning your rubbish into new, green products.

We use powerful industrial shredders to destroy confidential documents, transforming them to an ultra-fine grade of illegible paper - eliminating the risk of ID theft, fraud and data loss, and protecting confidentiality.

Looking for your first step to a greener office? Call Greenaway on 0800 2922130 or email enquiries@greenawaygroup.co.uk